Meal Replacement



trumacro™ Ketogenic Meal Replacement is a convenient and delicious shake that is a low-carb source of quality fats for those on a low-carb/high-fat (LCHF) or ketogenic diet. It contains the ideal macronutrient ratio of 70:30 (fat to protein + carbs). Excess protein consumption may prevent your body from achieving or maintaining ketosis. Our meal replacement shake has been extensively researched and lab tested for efficacy.

Enhances ketosis: Supports ketone production to help you achieve and stay in ketosis, which is the state in which your body turns to burning fat for energy.
Convenient: You only need a shaker bottle and water for a keto snack or meal replacement at any time.
Supports a healthy weight: The high-fat content of our shake can keep you fuller longer, which may cause you to eat less and have fewer cravings.
Blends easily and smoothly: Blends easily with water with no grittiness or chalkiness.

Great Tasting
Blends Easily
Promotes Weight Management
Supports Ketone Production
No Artificial Sweeteners and Flavors

Gently shake the bottle before each use to loosen the powder as the product settles. Mix 1 serving with 8 – 12 fl. oz. of water (adjust for taste preference). Shake well and consume slowly.

Please note: foods high in MCTs may possibly cause gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. Begin by taking 1⁄2 a serving until personal tolerance is reached.

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